Recipes and Tips For A Guilt-Free Thanksgiving Meal

There's just something about the last two months of the year that always leads to me throwing my health goals down the drain. The thick scent of turkey and sweet potato pie wafting through the air making my taste buds water combined with the deep down joy that comes from gathering around a table with my family and eating so much dressing that I have to loosen my belt buckle is not only a recipe for disaster, but something I look forward to all year long! However, this year I made a vow to myself that I will not ruin a year's worth of progress in a matter days.

But, I don't care what I vow, I'm not missing out on that Thanksgiving meal! So, with the goal of staying healthy while still enjoying my meal, I put Megan, our Certified Health Coach, to work on finding healthier recipe options for our traditional Thanksgiving menu - and she did not disappoint! You can find her recipes and tips below if you'd like to try out these healthier options! Let us know what you think.

Give these recipes a try!