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Exhausted, Can't Sleep, Moody, Brain Fog, Weight Gain, Anxious

If any of those sound like you? We can help!

We know firsthand what it is like to go to your provider with these symptoms, only to hear your labs are normal and you leave with no help. That ends today! At The WAE Clinic we specialize in getting to the root cause of ALL of those complaints and MORE.

For once you will finally be heard!

We can't wait to hear your story.

Where do I start?

Step One: Integrative Consult

Step One: Integrative Consult

Our consultation isn't just a conversation; it's a groundbreaking step towards redefining your well-being. At The WAE Clinic , your story isn't just heard—it's the catalyst for change. Finally, you've found a place where you're not just acknowledged — you're understood, valued, and empowered to initiate the change you've been seeking. Welcome to a partnership where being heard is just the beginning!


Step Two: Extensive Wellness Labs

With comprehensive lab testing we are determined to navigate the intricate landscape of your health and to pave the way towards your optimal wellness. You have never had a work up this thorough!

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Step Three: Personalized Wellness Roadmap

Begin your journey of hope and healing as we expertly analyze your lab results, pinpoint underlying health concerns, and create a personalized wellness roadmap, uniquely designed for your wellness journey.

The WAE Clinic, nestled in the heart of Cleveland, MS, seamlessly blends Traditional Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, and Integrative Therapies to provide exceptional, personalized healthcare. Our patient-centered approach and concierge-style service empower both patients and practitioners to collaborate in uncovering the root causes of disease and promoting optimal wellness. Experience the difference at The WAE Clinic and begin a health journey that transforms and prioritizes your well-being at its core.

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The WAE Clinic

At The WAE Clinic, we believe that healthcare should be more than just treating illnesses and injuries. At the heart of our mission is a redefinition of healthcare. We're not just guiding individuals; we're leading them toward a life of elevated wellness. Our aim is to empower you to expect more from your life, wellness, and healthcare journey. At The WAE Clinic, we're more than just a healthcare provider; we're your partners in health and wellness. Our commitment is to deliver an authentic and nurturing integrative healthcare experience that feels like home.


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